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What if there was a way to increase deductions as your income rises?  Instead of paying more and more, while watching deductions disappear, you could actually help protect the environment and save a bunch on your taxes.  Such a program does exist and has been utilized for decades for large landowners and super wealthy familes.  Now, with technology to handle the massive amount of paperwork and details, people without land or extreme wealth are able to use this approach to keep much more of what they earn.

“In America, there are two tax systems: 
one for the informed and one for the uninformed. 
Both are legal.” 

​​​​​​​Learned Hand


​​​​​​​Annual earnings in excess of $500,000

​​​​​​​Advanced Tax Reduction


Traditional tax planning does a horrible job at lowering the tax burden for those who earn higher than average income.  Tax costs can quickly add up to more than all other living costs combined (housing, food, health costs, entertainment, travel, utilities, transportation, etc).  This proven approach creates substantial tax cost savings and complements all other tax planning. Three major shifts have created this opportunity to legally allow large deductions (up to 50% of adjusted gross income).

To quality for the larger deductions offered in the tax code, there is a mile of documentation required, which can now be processed accurately and simply with advancements in computing power.


With population exploding, 
​​​​​​​there has never been more of a call to preserve open, undeveloped lands.  The government needs our help in preserving the undeveloped lands around America's urban centers.



Federal, State and Local governments are loaded with debt.  The problem is compounded with enormous unfunded liabilities (Pensions, etc).  Keeping more of your money away from taxation is priority number
​​​​​​​ one of ​​​​​​​any sound
 financial plan.

These shifts have opened the door to advanced tax programs once reserved for the super wealthy.  Based on MFG Marginal tax rates, every dollar reported as income over $467,000 is taxed more than 50% in California.  The time for discovering large scale deductions has never been more relevant.


Conservation Easements are what creates the deductions.  They are a tax deduction created by the government to protect land from being developed.  In 1976, Federal tax reform began allowing landowners to deduct the value of an easement as a tax deduction. The law was expanded in 2015 and now allows deductions of up to 50% of income.  As you can imagine, the government made the process much more cumbersome than necessary.  Without expert guidance and processing, these types of transactions should not ever be considered. 

​​​​​​​The land that qualifies must be either owned or secured.  For most people, this would not be possible because many of the properties run in the millions of dollars.  We have partnered with a firm that has a 20 year impeccable track record in locating, securing and splitting up the deduction over multiple investors.  This enables clients to take only the amount needed to get the deduction they are seeking.​​​​​​​

Conservation Easement Land
Conservation Easement Land
Conservation Easement Tax Savings
Conservation Easement Land



​​​​​​​The costs of the Dedicated Business and Personal Tax Review, as well as the Custom Conservation Easement Proposal, are complimentary for those who earn above $500K per year.  We provide these services free of charge because a large percentage of those who receive them choose to become clients.  The cost of the Conservation Easement program varies based on the amount of deduction desired.  It is fully disclosed in the Custom Conservation Easement Proposal.  As you can see from the client results above, the tax savings far outweigh any costs involved.​​​​​​​

Most CPAs know enough about Conservation Easements to know that they are handled by specialists only.  Our team of CPAs and attorneys work directly with your tax team, providing all of the documentation for the deduction and exactly how to file.  Our team serves clients from coast to coast and specializes in Conservation Easements.​​​​​​​


  • Projected income for Current Year above $500K
  • Last Year's Tax Return for Review
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  • Willingness to be Proactive with Tax Planning
  • Commitment to Financial Success


Dedicated Business and Personal Tax Review

​​​​​​​Dedicated Business and Personal Tax Review

Custom Conservation Easement Proposal

Custom Conservation Easement Proposal

Guaranteed Results as Proposed

Guaranteed Results
​​​​​​​ as Proposed

Team of Elite Professionals

​​​​​​​Team of
​​​​​​​Elite Professionals

Guidance and support for your tax team

Guidance and support
​​​​​​​ for your tax team​​​​​​​

With more than twenty-seven years of experience guiding America's affluent, John Duncan is a noted expert in financial planning and investment advising.  Duncan's mission is  simple:  providing  higher-income and higher net-worth  individuals and families with the tools necessary for success.


After earning a degree in accounting and finance, Duncan immediately went into practice as a financial advisor, working with individuals and business owners at Prudential Financial.  As his career advanced, he honed his expertise as an investment advisor and financial representative at Global Financial.  In 1994, he launched Gold Leaf Advisory, an independent planning practice.

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